Traitement de données LIDAR acquises en sous bois, extraction par méthodes tomographiques de données individuelles d'arbre, localisation, diamètre, volumétrie.

After many readings, I'm still confused about the difference of use and the aims of the following tools for LiDAR data processing and manipulation: LAStools, libLAS, and PDAL.

My understanding so far is that PDAL and libLAS have the same overall goals, and that PDAL is slowly replacing libLAS with enhanced performance and more capabilities. I understand that PDAL is a library that is (and want to be) completely independent from LAStools.


The relation between LAStools and libLAS is the most confusing to me. Are they two completely different separate tools? Does LAStools run on top of libLAS?

Does any of these 3 tools/libraries depends on one another?

Background: I have experience with using LAStools, and have played around with PDAL in the past few weeks.

Edit: From a link comment, I learnt that there is also something called LASlib which seems to be something LAStools runs on. I wish this question can gather a comprehensive overview of these tools for people starting off using LiDAR data and being confused what to go with.

From the libLas webpage: "As of 2018, libLAS has been replaced by the PDAL project and it is in hibernation or maintenance mode. libLAS does not provide support for LAS or LAZ 1.4, which PDAL does. PDAL also provides support for many more formats, the notion of PDAL pipelines". So, basically, libLas is deprecated, and being subsumed by PDAL. LasTools I know very little about, as it doesn't play very nicely with Linux. – John Powell Dec 18 '18 at 15:14

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