Traitement de données LIDAR acquises en sous bois, extraction par méthodes tomographiques de données individuelles d'arbre, localisation, diamètre, volumétrie.
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The Internet of Things (IoT) is the global network of interrelated physical devices such assensors, actuators, smart applications, objects, computing devices, mechanical machines, and peoplethat are becoming an essential part of the internet. In an industrial environment, these devices arethe source of data which provide abundant information in manufacturing processes. Nevertheless,the massive, heterogeneous, and time-sensitive nature of the data brings substantial challenges to thereal-time collection, processing, and decision making. Therefore, this paper presents a framework ofan IoT-based Industrial Data Management System (IDMS) which can manage the huge industrialdata, support online monitoring, and control smart manufacturing. The framework contains fivebasic layers such as physical, network, middleware, database, and application layers to providea service-oriented architecture for the end users. Experimental results from a smart factory casestudy demonstrate that the framework can manage the regular data and urgent events generatedfrom various factory devices in the distributed industrial environment through state-of-the-artcommunication protocols. The collected data is converted into useful information which improvesproductivity and the prognosis of production lines.

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